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Wristwatch is love gift

Le 10 April 2017, 08:00 dans Humeurs 0

Love jewelry and watches is women's nature. Display the jewelry when we is free, then slowly to enjoy our favorite treasures. Just like someone memory suddenly opened again.

Watches is similar to the rings which represents the time and memory. We can continually enjoy the lasting taste . Wrist watches record our minutes and seconds, recording every moving story, in this sense, a story of the watch is more valuable than the diamond ring.

In fact, women's watches are always on the fashion road. Designer watches highlight the status and personality of the wearer. But the important is love symbol. Love in the watch tick and tick, recorded every sunrise and sunset, accompanied by love people through every day of life.


So if you want to send lover something, the wrist watch is good gift.

It is worth creating wooden watches

Le 7 April 2017, 06:22 dans Humeurs 0

Plantwear is one of very few businesses in the industry that handcrafts wooden fashion watches. , The owner of Plantwear Viktor Pyrzyk says, I did not grow up in a family with carpentry traditions, and I have not dreamed of making a wood product from a child.

Wood returns to grace and is a renewable resource. It is worth creating wooden watches or other wooden products.

In the meantime the idea for the production of wooden watches came into being. And that's what they came up with first. Plantwear strive to be ecological. That’s why they plan trees every month.


This is company responsible for the environment, they give back to mother nature much more than they take. We need to learn from the watch manufacturer, to protect our ecosystem.

Smart watch with fashion look

Le 5 April 2017, 11:52 dans Humeurs 0

A smart watch was called synonymous with a rectangular mini computer on your wrist ago. But now there has been a small revolution, which have also become smarter and fashion.

Watch manufacturers have some features added in the course of time no matter they are analog or digital clock faces. Time and date is necessary, and GPS that you can watch time when traveling through several time zones.

Now there are many sports watches on the market with multifunction, such as the stopwatch feature.


Simply an ordinary watch on the wrist with some smart features and Bluetooth connection. Wrist watch with a normal fashion look, and you really want a fitness tracker, then with all sorts of technology under the traditional dial.

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