Now they wanted to know how people used to know about the time when there were no wrist watches. How did people orient themselves at all? Around the year 3,000 BC there was already the sundial in Egypt, a pointer threw shadows, when the sun beams hit.

In Greece, water clocks with dials and hands were used already 1400 before Christ. "The time has come," they said. Church clocks were invented around the year 1335, hourglasses were used in the houses, in 1510 Peter Henlein invented his handbag in Nuremberg "and around 1900 one had the watch, from 1979 the digital one.


I wanted to make a small experiment with the children, so that they could get an idea of ​​time. All wristwatches, cell phones and smartphones to me, you with nothing. We are all going forward once every forty paces, now guess how much time has passed! So the watch is important in our life.