Everyone know the Apple brand. Almost everyone have apple device such as iphone, Apple wrist watch or Mp3.

For many years, Apple has used the slogan "Think Different". The slogan is the point of making a link with Apple. But now Swatch decided to use a similar slogan for their watches: "Tick different". Apple think it is plagiarism and attacks Swatch in court.

Apple deems Swatch to use "Tick Different" is making a connection with Apple watch on purpose and the pronunciation is also close.

Nick Hayek is the leader of the Swiss watchmaker insist it is pure coincidence, says the new slogan is inspired by another slogan released in the 80s, namely "Always different, always new".

Apple released its slogan "Think Different" in 1997.


So what do you think the two company? Their slogan for smart watches just think different or tick different.